Big Data Application in Businesses – Using big data to improve business

Efficient data analysis enables companies to optimize everything in the value chain – from sales to order delivery, to optimal store hours.

Below tabular chart shows in what area various businesses use big data application to improve their business models.

Big data enables the organization to define key marketing strategies and is utilized in almost every sector of industries.

Retail / ecommerce01. Market basket analysis
02. Campaign & customer loyalty mgmt program
03.Supply chain management & analytics
04. Behavior tracking
05. Market and consumer segmentation
06. Recommendation engines (to increase order size through complementary products)
07. Cross-channel analytics
08. Individual targeting with right offer at right time
Financial Services01. Real-time customer insights
02. Risk analysis and management
03. Fraud detection
04. Customer loyalty management
05. Credit risk modeling/analysis
06. Trade surveillance, detecting abnormal activities
IT Operations01. Log analysis for pattern identification/process analysis.
02. Massive storage and parallel processing
03. Data mashup to extract intelligence from data
Health & Life Sciences01. Health-insurance fraud detection
02. Campaign management
03. Brand & reputation management
04. Patient care and service quality management
05. Gene mapping and analytics
06. Drug discovery
Communication, Media & Technology01. Real-time calls analysis
02. Network performance management
03. Social graph analysis
04. Mobile user usage analysis
Governance01. Compliance and regulatory analysis
02. Threat detection, crime prediction
03. Smart cities and e-governance
04. Energy management
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