HiveQL Data Manipulation – Load, Insert, Export Data and Create Table

It is important to note that HiveQL data manipulation doesn’t offer any row-level insert, update or delete operation. Therefore, data can be inserted into hive tables using either “bulk” load operations or writing the files into correct directories by other methods.

HiveQL Load Data into Managed Tables

Loading data from input file (Schema on Read)

  • ‘LOCAL’ indicates the source data is on local file system
  • Local data will be copied into the final destination (HDFS file system) by Hive
  • If ‘Local’ is not specified, the file is assumed to be on HDFS
  • Hive does not do any data transformation while loading the data

Loading data into partition requires PARTITION clause

HDFS directory is created according to the partition values

Loading data from HDFS directory

  • All the files in the directory are copied into Hive
  • ‘OVERWRITE’ causes table to be purged and filled
  • Leaving out ‘OVERWRITE’ adds data to existing folder (old data will exist under its name and new one under a different name)

HiveQL Insert Data into Hive Tables from Queries

Create table and load them from Hive Queries

Exporting Data out of Hive

If LOCAL keyword is used, Hive will write the data to local directory

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