Introduction to Business Communication – Purpose of Communication

Introduction to Business Communication – Purpose of Communication

What is Communication?

Communication is such a vital part of each of us that it contributes heavily to the success or failure of every human activity. People can’t live alone. This universal truth signifies that people must have the companion.

One of the main reasons for having a companion is that people want to express themselves and whenever we express something to someone, it is called communication.

What is Business Communication?

Business communication may be defined as, the passing of information message or news within or outside the company for the financial benefit of the organization.

To elaborate, communication is the process through which an idea, opinion, or information is transferred to others.

It is a passive process of exchanging idea, meaning, message, feeling, emotion, or understanding from one mindset to another mindset, this may include the use of various aids for exchange process.

Purpose of Communication

It is hard to name a human activity in which communication does not play a significant role, and this holds true for an organization in which people assemble to achieve their common objectives through their coordinated efforts.

A lot of communication among organizational members is required to achieve the corporate goals. Therefore, understanding of communication and how it can be made efficient is important for managers.

There is a different kind of organizations or business entities, for example, organizations having a business only within the country and companies which are multinationals. However, the process, method, types, the principle remains almost same with those of general communication. The primary difference lies in their area of application.