Entrepreneur Personal Attributes – Why be an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a very famous word amongst the business community life. But, many people still cannot get the definition and meaning of who is an entrepreneur.

In this post we will discuss Entrepreneur personal attributes and why to be an entrepreneur?

Who is an Entrepreneur? Entrepreneur Personal Attributes

French word entrepreneur means “One who undertakes an endeavor.” Entrepreneurs differ in education and experiences. But the research indicated that the most successful entrepreneurs share specific personal attributes, including creativity, dedication, determination, flexibility, leadership, passion, self-confidence and ‘smarts.’

Let us discuss the personal attributes one by one.


Creativity is the spark that drives the development of new products or services or ways to do business.


Dedication is what motivates entrepreneur to work hard, 12 hours a day, or even seven days of a week, especially in the beginning to get the endeavor off the ground.


A determination is an extreme desire to achieve success; it includes persistence and the ability to bounce back after rough times.


Changing markets require the ability to change quickly, and flexibility is the attribute which is key to entrepreneurship.


Ability to create rules and set goals.


Entrepreneurs start a business and keep doing it due to passion. It gives them the ability to convince others to believe in their vision.


Smarts consist of common sense joined with knowledge or experience in a related business. The former gives a person a right instinct and the latter expertise.

Why be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship has a lot to do with business, however, it is a way of thinking about things that everyone can do. Seeing individuals as empowered as agents of change and then thinking about what we can do differently.

Regarding choosing a carrier a person or an individual has in general three choices in his hands to proceed; to work for others, be self-employed in a profession or be an entrepreneur.

As compared to all, the last one has got an edge as compared to other two, because it’s not merely giving employment to one but providing job opportunities to others also.

Doing what you love

It is natural to feel fearful of failing. But to start with one’s own business is like leaving the comfort zone and entering the twilight zone.

It is an activity where it should be ensured to strike a balance between the business what you love to do and which is profitable as well. ‘Choose a job that you like, and you never have to work a day in your life.’

Independence and freedom

Entrepreneurship allows undertaking the activities of one’s choice and comfort which offers independence and freedom in return.

Recognition and self-fulfillment

Entrepreneurship provides the ability to be involved in the total operation of the business from the concept of design and creation.

It offers excitement compared to being regular employees. Adventure-hunters love being entrepreneurs as they are exposed to too much risk.

Income Potential

Entrepreneurship offers a higher possibility of achieving significant financial rewards than working under someone else.

Of course, substantial financial rewards happen if your efforts are well planned, efficient and well focused.