SoapUI Tutorial #25 – Transfer Property Value to JSON Body of REST API

In this SoapUI tutorial we will learn how to transfer or pass a property value to JSON body of next request in SoapUI property transfer.

You will learn how to setup property transfer to get the dynamic response from one REST API request and pass it to the JSON body of another REST request.

SoapUI Tutorial #19 – SoapUI POST Method Example | POST JSON in SoapUI

In this SoapUI Tutorial I will explain SoapUI POST Method example and how to use POST JSON body when sending a POST REST request.

We will use real world Asana API to explain the POST method.

SoapUI Tutorial #18 – CRUD (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE) Examples using Asana APIs

In this SoapUI Tutorial we will understand the Asana developer account setup so that we can learn the CRUD operations in SoapUI.

We will learn examples of GET, POST, PUT and DELETE using Asana REST APIs.

SoapUI Tutorial #13 – XPath Assertion in SoapUI | XPath Match Assertion

In this SoapUI tutorial we will learn about XPATH assertion in SoapUI.

You will learn XPATH match assertion step by step and will be able to apply XPATH assertion for any Soap response.