Selenium XPath Tutorial #6 – XPath AND Operator | XPath OR Operator

In this Selenium Xpath tutorial we will learn how to use AND & OR operator to find selenium XPath.

XPath AND/OR Operator helps in finding xpaths to webelements using multiple element attributes.

Selenium XPath Tutorial #3 – XPath Starts-with Function with Examples

In this Selenium XPath tutorial we will learn about XPath starts-with function with example. Starts with function is very helpful in finding the dynamic webelements on any webpage in Selenium Automation.

Selenium XPath Tutorial #2 – Relative Vs Absolute XPath

In this Selenium XPath tutorial we will learn about relative vs absolute XPath with examples. We will first understand about relative and absolute XPath and then analyse which one to prefer over other.

Finally, you will learn how to create absolute and relative XPath for any webelement in your web application.

Selenium XPath Tutorial #1 -Introduction to XPath | Basic XPath Syntax

In this Selenium XPath tutorial we will cover introduction to XPath and how it is helpful in finding the desired elements from XML or documents having similar structure like XML.

We will also understand the basic XPath syntax and how to write your first selenium XPath to indentify the webelement on any webpage.