JIRA Burndown Report Introduction – Burndown Chart in JIRA

JIRA Burndown report shows the remaining and completed work in Sprint.

Burndown charts are very helpful to keep track of teams work progress and predict the likelihood of work completion for the Sprint.

Watch the video below to understand Burndown report in detail. Don’t forget to Subscribe and share the video.

Epic Burndown Report in JIRA – Monitor JIRA Epic Progress

The Epic Burndown report gives a clear picture of teams progress against the total work in an Epic.

An Epic in Agile development is a larger user story which can be further broken down into smaller user stories.

Learn about Epic Burndown report in JIRA Software. Watch the tutorial below and subscribe to YouTube channel for regular updates.


JIRA Epic Report – Monitor JIRA Epic Progress

Watch my another tutorial on JIRA epic report – How to monitor the progress of JIRA epic in your progress.