Jira Query Language (JQL) – Searching issues with keywords

JQL stands for Jira Query Language and used for doing advanced search in JIRA.

JQL is very powerful and flexible way for finding issues in JIRA. JQL can be used by anyone in the project as it is simple to pick up.

You do not need to be expert in any query language to pick JQL. JQL is much simpler as compared to other query languages.

Epic Burndown Report in JIRA – Monitor JIRA Epic Progress

The Epic Burndown report gives a clear picture of teams progress against the total work in an Epic.

An Epic in Agile development is a larger user story which can be further broken down into smaller user stories.

Learn about Epic Burndown report in JIRA Software. Watch the tutorial below and subscribe to YouTube channel for regular updates.


JIRA Epic Report – Monitor JIRA Epic Progress

Watch my another tutorial on JIRA epic report – How to monitor the progress of JIRA epic in your progress.


Logging defects in JIRA – Create defect in Atlassian JIRA

Defects or Bugs are just another issue type in Atlassian JIRA like stories and tasks.

“Defect” issue type is required in development project to capture any anomolies during the SDLC and then to rectify those in order to meet user expectation.

Logging defects in JIRA is similar to creating any other issues. The defects will have different templates and can follow different workflow as compared to other issue types.

The following video explains the step by step process to log a defect in JIRA.

Searching issues in JIRA with JQL functions – JQL Function Search

JQL functions are utilised when doing advanced search in JIRA. JQL function is a word followed by parentheses, which may contain one or more explicit values.

A JQL function performs calculation on either JIRA specific data or the content in parentheses so that only true results are returned by the function.

Following video explains about JQL functions and how to use them in Advanced JIRA queries.