Software Testing Tutorial #47 – What is Agile Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn what is agile testing. Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows agile software development principles and practices. It follows all the values and principles of agile software development and how we do the testing use those principles and practices while testing in Agile Software development approaches like SCRUM.

The traditional software development approach like waterfall, v-model had some drawbacks like phased approach, late feedback etc. Agile development approach came in picture to overcome those drawbacks. Along with Agile development we also need to embrace new ways of testing and that when Agile testing came in picture which embraces the values and principles of Agile.

Software Testing Tutorial #46 -Test Summary Report in Software Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about what is test summary report in software testing. Test report is a document that is produced as part of the testing which outlines the key activates performed in testing lifecycle for any release and what is the overall outcome of testing.

Test reporting is an very important document as it helps the stakeholders to make decisions on product releases. It contains key information about testing, like scope of testing, tests executed, defect raised, over all quality recommendations etc.

Software Testing Tutorial #45 – How to Write a Good Defect Report

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about how to write a good defect report. A defect report is a document to communicate the defects or bugs you find in the test application during the software development lifecycle.

Defects are managed in defect management tools like Bugzilla, Jira etc. Documenting defects properly with relevant information is crucial for the defects to be understood clearly by developers and fixed without being rejected. In this tutorial we will learn how what are the key information you should include when writing good bug reports in software testing.

Software Testing Tutorial #44 – Defect Life Cycle in Software Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about defect life cycle in software testing. Defect lifecycle is a process that a defect or bug will follow from its initiation or from the point where it is raised until it is closed into the project. This bug lifecycle has certain states and resolutions in it and whenever you raise any defect in software testing it will follow the predefined bug lifecycle.

Software Testing Tutorial#43-Severity and Priority in Software Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about Severity and Priority in Software Testing. Severity indicates how bad the defect is and what is the impact of the defect on the software, whereas the priority determines the urgency of fixing the defect.

Defect severity is assigned by the software testers and priority is mostly assigned by Product owners or person who represents business or customer. Defect severity and priority are very important information to be assigned to defects so that development team can understand the order in which they need to fix the defects.