Electrical Technology

In this tutorial, we will learn about electrical technology; it involves the design and development of high voltage systems and components such as motors, generators, heaters, electrical power transmission.

Electrical technology deals with all machines, tools, devices, and systems in which a current or a flow of electrons takes place through conductors and metals.

Almost all of our low or high-tech gadgets today involve the use of electrical current to produce, making electrical energy the main- and possibly the only- factor to define electrical technology.

Electrical technology involves the design and production of all the electrical systems mentioned, as well as the installation, testing, and maintenance of these systems.

Several challenges arise with the implementation of mathematics, science, and engineering to develop these modern wonders. These challenges include problem-solving skills, ability to diversify, a robust educational background, and continuing learning activity.

The Electrical Technology Program is an instructional program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills necessary to install, operate, maintain and repair electrically-energized residential, commercial, and industrial systems, and DC and AC motors, controls, and electrical distribution panels. Instruction emphasizes the practical application of mathematics, science, circuit diagrams, and electrical codes.

It includes blueprint reading, sketching, and other subjects essential for employment in the electrical occupations. Translation and interpretation of commercial and residential construction wiring codes and specifications, installation, and maintenance of wiring, service, and distribution networks within large construction complexes are critical components of the program.

Electrical Technology involves the design and development of high voltage systems and components such as motors, generators, heaters, electrical power transmission, and distribution systems, radio wave and optical systems, converters, and control systems for operating light-heavy machinery.

  • Electrical wiring
  • Repair and maintenance of domestic
  • Electrical appliances
  • Repairs and maintenance of electrical motors
  • Operation and maintenance of pumps


  • Computer repair
  • Program designing


Repairs and maintenance of refrigerators and air conditioners (domestic)

  • Repair and maintenance of car air conditioners.


The technology mentioned above, there are alternate modes of employment. This work mode will make a person a technical hand in their respective areas and give them an edge to compete with their counterparts.

Repairs And Maintenance:

  • It is evergreen employment as once these goods are purchased, its annual maintenance contract starts. To maintain repairs there, types of products both enterprise and proper training required.

Building Technology:

  • The real estate business is upcoming and growth in the prices of the properties all over the country. The building technology seems to be burning issues as a lot of brands have been creating.

Welding Technology:

  • In this head, welding fabrication, gas welding, and industrial items, which required welding, are taken into consideration.

Agro-Based And, Allied Technology:

  • Agro-based and allied technology products are dependent on the agriculture economy, and the functioning of this equipment is more involved in farming. These are diesel engines, pump sets, portable pumps, and tractors.

Textile Technology:

  • In this technology, the block printing, tie and die, fabric printing, and batik printing.

Printing Technology:

  • Certain ingredients can take care of the entire sheet, such as screen printing, bookbinding, and file cover making desktop publishing, lamination, clock, and watch repair.

Home Sciences Or Household Industries Or Handicrafts:

  • Bakery and confectionery, food preservation, cookery, dressmaking, design, and embroidery, fashion designing, pattern making, and mass cutting, etc.