Software Testing Tutorial #24 -Regression Testing in Agile Development

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about regression testing in the agile development approach. When your are following agile development approach then you need to ensure the proper strategy to handle regression efforts as the regression backlog will keep growing with every new Sprint in Scrum.

Software Testing Tutorial #23 – What is Regression Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn what is regression testing with examples. Regression testing is most widely done testing type in any software testing project. The intent of regression testing in software testing is to confirm that the recent change (Code/Config) in software because of defect fix, addition of new functionality, code refactoring etc. has not adversely affected existing features of the software.

In this tutorial you will understand complete details about regression testing and how it is helpful in your projects. You will also learn how to identify the regression test cases in any project.