Jira Roadmap Tutorial #17 – Resolving Warnings in Advanced Roadmaps

In this Jira Roadmap tutorial, we will learn resolving warnings in advanced roadmaps. Whenever you do any modification in Jira roadmap plan and if the changes do not match predefined rules then you get some warnings on plan which will help you to identify any issues in your plan.

This is complete Jira Roadmaps training where we will start from the basic concepts of roadmaps and then proceed with advanced roadmaps and understand all the core feature of this tools and how to use it in your projects.

JIRA Administration Tutorial #1 – JIRA Default User Preferences | System Dashboard

In this JIRA administration tutorial we will learn how to update JIRA system dashboard and change JIRA Default User Preferences.

Having knowledge of Jira administration and other configurations in Jira helps Jira Project Managers and Scrum Masters to manage Jira effectively and use the power of Jira for managing their teams work and reports.