Opportunities in Self-employment – Factors Influencing Business Opportunities

In this tutorial, we will learn about opportunities in self-employment along with multiple factors influencing business opportunities. To become self-employed, we must update our knowledge regarding multiple opportunities.

The most vital step is to find out what opportunities exist in multiple trades. It is further essential for you to know what skill training could be imparted to your clients.

Over the last few years, while we have seen the proliferation of startups. Millions of dollars being invested to back the budding entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are conceiving dream enterprises on the strength of digital access.

New opportunities are opening up for self-employment and freelancing. The main reason may be due to enhanced digital penetration

With digital technologies, maturing. IP, confidentiality, identify management, security, and payment features have also become more robust.

Large and small corp-orates are willing to consider the services of individuals who could be connected via secure digital platforms.

According to a study conducted by Mckinsey Global Institute, by 2020, digital technology will enable 200 million individuals. These are inactive or employed part-time to gain additional hours through freelance platforms.

The study also mentions the increase in the adoption rates of online platforms for talent access. That could reduce the cost of recruiting talent and of human resources generally by as much as 7%.

Freelance working and flexible resourcing would be essential factors that would contribute to this cost reduction.

In the wake of India, they are gearing up for the digital age. During this era of innovation. The majority of the people being able to access the digital platform. Through mobile phones or other devices, corp-orates would benefit. They started to plan for leveraging this platform to access talent and services in new formats. It could lead to several new opportunities for individuals to rethink their careers and capabilities and create attractive self-employment opportunities for those interested.

It has been found that the creative domain is one of the fields which has thrown upon the boundaries of work. Those possessing skills in areas including content writing, editing of video, graphic work, game testing, translation, animation, and music.

Other professions with strong technical skills in domains such as legal, software, product and engineering design, accounting, secretarial, statutory filings also lend themselves to self-employment.

The following is a representative list where economic opportunities and self-employment possibilities exist:


A prospective entrepreneur is interested in engrossing himself in merely those business processes which are practicable and have a demand in the market.

At the same time, he is required to decide on a particular alternative, unlike the available options. He is supposed to recognize, investigate, and then decide on a feasible business opportunity.

The business opportunity is an eye-catching project in terms of a sufficient return rate. It motivates the entrepreneur to acknowledge a particular project for making investment decisions.

Entrepreneurs, in general, evaluate diverse possibilities. They decide on just the highest reward paying opportunity for implementations.

Thus a business prospect is being competent as commercially feasible.

In this background, two primary criteria are vital for making options as a business opportunity.

  • Favorable market demand or surplus of demand over obtainable supply on hand in the market
  • Ample rate of return on investment equal to the standard rate of return and risk premium attached to that particular business project.


  • Appraise the likelihood of developing and utilizing physical resources.
  • Assesses and guesstimate the capital, labor transport, power fuel, raw materials for feasible industries.
  • Categorize those industries based on local resources.
  • Learn the short and long-run development possibilities of the province to agriculture.
  • Review the collision of achievement in financial support.


Change of export:

  • Export potentially is an essential criterion for measuring the competence of a particular industry.

Form of external support:

  • Recognition of business opportunities also involves the marking of which financial and other facilities are predictable to come.

Height of risk in business:

  • There are dissimilar types of risks usually drawn in a particular kind of business. These risks may be technological, financial risks, societal risks, and ecological risks.

Accessibility for industrial inventory:

  • Accessibility of stock also determines business opportunities as it decides the next level of future production.

Level of inner demand:

  • An entrepreneur should endeavor to assess the blueprint of the internal order of the anticipated product on the industry in which he is planning to engross himself.

Ease of use of internal resources:

  • Ease of use of valuable break and sufficient rate of return stimulates entrepreneurs to embark on entrepreneurial activity. However, against the condition that he has to have some seed capital of his own.

Psychoanalysis of existing unit performance:

  • An objective analysis of the performance of accessibility units commenced making absolute success in the detection of business opportunities.