Jira Roadmap Tutorial #5 – How to Export Roadmap from Jira

In this Jira Roadmap tutorial, we will learn how to export Roadmap from Jira. This video is for Jira Basic roadmap and in this tutorial we will learn what all options are available in Jira basic roadmap to share and export Jira roadmaps.

This is complete Jira Roadmaps training where we will start from the basic concepts of roadmaps and then proceed with advanced roadmaps and understand all the core feature of this tools and how to use it in your projects.

Jira Roadmap Tutorial #2 – Create Projects and Enable Jira Roadmap

This Jira Roadmaps tutorial we will learn how to create new projects in Jira cloud and enable Jira Roadmap for any project. Enabling Jira roadmap is very simple in case it is not enabled by default.

This is Jira cloud version and in this series we will learn about project planning using Jira roadmap from very basic and cover advanced Jira roadmaps.

Git and GitHub Tutorial #1 – What is Git | Introduction to Git

In this Git and GitHub Tutorial, we will learn what is Git and introduce all the key concepts about Git and why do we need it. We will start with introduction to Git and what are the advantages of Git in software development and testing.

Software Testing Tutorial #46 -Test Summary Report in Software Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about what is test summary report in software testing. Test report is a document that is produced as part of the testing which outlines the key activates performed in testing lifecycle for any release and what is the overall outcome of testing.

Test reporting is an very important document as it helps the stakeholders to make decisions on product releases. It contains key information about testing, like scope of testing, tests executed, defect raised, over all quality recommendations etc.

Software Testing Tutorial#39-What is Test Strategy in Software Testing

In this Software Testing Tutorial, we will learn about what is test strategy in Software Testing. A software test strategy is a document which defines the broader and general way in which the testing will be approached within an organization. Test Strategy is mostly written at the organization level and is independent of projects. Project will use contents of test strategy and refine as per the project contexts.

Following are some of the key sections of test strategy document. Different organizations follow different templates but following sections are the key sections of test strategy document.

1. Scope and Environment

2. Testing Approach

3. Test Environment Specification

4. Testing Tools

5. Release Management

6. Risk Analysis

7. Reviews and Approvals