JIRA Cloud Tutorial #30 -Reopening Sprint in Jira NextGen not Possible

In this JIRA cloud tutorial, I will clarify about limitations of the reopening sprint in Jira in the next-gen project. Trying with the steps mentioned in the workaround by community members didn’t work for me. At the time of recording this video, Jira cloud does not have the functionality to reopen Sprint in the Jira NextGen project and the defect is still open with the Atlassian team.

JIRA Cloud Tutorial #29 – How to Reopen Sprint in Jira

In this JIRA cloud tutorial, we will learn how to reopen sprint in Jira. Reopening sprint in Jira is very simple and straightforward in classic scrum projects, however, at the time of recording this video, there was no feature to reopen Sprint in Jira Cloud.

I have explained more details about the NextGen project Sprint reopen the issue in the next tutorial.