SoapUI Tutorial #27 – SoapUI Script Assertion for XML Response

In this Soapui tutorial we will learn how to perform Script assertion for XML response in SoapUI.

In the REST APIs the response is in JSON or XML format and you can do script assertion for both the response formats.

In this video I will explain how to perform script assertion for XML response in SOAP webservice.

SoapUI Tutorial #11 – Verify XML Response using Groovy | SoapUI Assert

In this SoapUI tutorial we will learn how to verify Soap XML response using Groovy and use Assert to verify the actual response is as per expected.

SoapUI Tutorial #7 – Access | Get SoapUI Properties by Groovy Script

In this SoapUI webservice testing tutorial we will learn how to access or Get the SoapUI properties using Groovy Scripting.

You will also understand about the SoapUI variable log, context and testRunner in detail. We will use these variable to write Groovy script in order to access different SoapUI properties which will be utilised in designing end-to-end-test cases in SoapUI.