Selenium CSS Selector #6 – Next Sibling | Adjacent Sibling Combinator

Adjacent sibling combinator (+) separates two CSS selectors and matches the second webelement only if it immediately follows the first webelement, and both are the child of same parent webelement.

Next Sibling elements are located using the + operator.

Selenium CSS Selector #5 – Finding Direct Child or Sub-child Elements

In this CSS selector tutorial we will learn how to find direct child and sub-child elements.

Child combinator  is used to select direct child and Descendant combinator is used to select Child or Sub-child.

Selenium CSS Selector #4 – CSS Selector Substring Matching

In this Selenium CSS Selector tutorial we will learn how to identify webelements using sub-string matches in Selenium.

Sub-string matches are very helpful in identifying dynamic webelements with the help of partial string matches.

The 3 important special characters in css sub-string selectors are:

‘^’ Sign – Signify’s the prefix of the text

‘$’ Sign – Signify’s the suffix of the text

‘*’ Sign – Signify’s the sub-string of the text