JIRA Tutorial #30 – How to Search JIRA issues with Date JQL

In this Jira tutorial, we will learn how to Search JIRA issues with Date JQL. You can write queries in Jira to search for issues with specific dates and time combination.

JIRA Cloud Tutorial #34 – How to Search Issues in Jira

In this JIRA cloud tutorial, we will learn how to search for issues in Jira. There are many search options available in Jira in order to search issues, you can search issues quickly using the basic search or write complex search queries using JQL.

Jira Query Language (JQL) – Searching issues with keywords

JQL stands for Jira Query Language and used for doing advanced search in JIRA.

JQL is very powerful and flexible way for finding issues in JIRA. JQL can be used by anyone in the project as it is simple to pick up.

You do not need to be expert in any query language to pick JQL. JQL is much simpler as compared to other query languages.