In this tutorial, we will learn about coordination is the function of management, which ensures that different departments and groups work in synchronization.

It refers to the orderly synchronization of group efforts to provide unity of action in pursuit of ordinary people. It is the essence of management. It is the function of control, which ensures that different departments and groups work in sync. Therefore, there is a unity of action among the employees, groups, and departments.

The act of coordinating, making different people or things work together for a goal or effect. The resulting state of working together; cooperation; synchronization. The ability to organize one’s senses and physical movements to act skillfully.

Definition Of Coordination:

“If the coordination is the effort to assure a smooth interplay of the functions and forces to different parts of the organization to the end that its purpose will realize with the minimum of friction and a maximum of collaborative effectiveness.” ‘Tead’

Features Of Coordination:

  • It is the primary responsibility of the management and achieved through managerial functions.
  • It is relevant for only group efforts.
  • It is directly proportional to the degree of integration in the performance of various services.
  • It is a continuous and dynamic process.
  • It is not a distinct managerial function, and the exercise of each administrative function involves coordination.
  • It considers an organization as a system of cooperative group efforts. It recognizes the diversity and interdependence of organizational sub-systems and the need to bring about fusion and synthesis in the shots.
  • It is a managerial responsibility. Its main job is to achieve organizational objectives. It is the exclusive responsibility of the manager. As he has the overall picture of the enterprise, only he is in a better position than others to perform this function.

Importance\Merits Of Coordination:

It helps to bring together the human and physical resources of the organization. It helps to make maximum utilization of resources. These resources are used to achieve the objectives of the organization. Coordination also minimizes the wastage of support in the organization.

  • Unity in Diversity
  • Teamwork or Unity of Direction.
  • Functional differentiation.
  • Specialization
  • Congruity of goals
  • Reconciliation of goals.
  • Differentiation and integration.

Limits\Demerits Of Coordination:

  • Lack of administrative talent
  • Misunderstanding

Types of Coordination: 

Coordination is the combination of all activities and forces that operate and interact within and outside the enterprise. Based on the scope, coordination can be internal or external.


In exists within the enterprise among the different units. About the relationship between all the managers, among departments of the enterprise, among branch offices, plants, sections, and other parts of an enterprise.

  • Horizontal (coordination between people at the same level.)
  • Vertical (coordination between people at a different level)


An enterprise should aim at meeting the needs of the community. To accomplish the social objectives of an enterprise, adequate and effective coordination is indispensable outside the organization. These forces must be recognized at the right time and prevent the creation of a conducive atmosphere for the smooth running of the enterprise. 

It is established to coordinate the activities of managers, executives, divisions, branches, and other workers. Work in proper harmony, group task activity, and working schedule should continuously be changed according to changing circumstances are the essential things for effective internal coordination.

It is coordination established to coordinate the activities of employees of the organization and the people outside the organization. Outsiders include market agencies, government, customers, competitors, etc.

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