Robot Framework Tutorial #23 – How to Install Eskry and Chropath

In this Robot framework tutorial we will learn how to install Eskry and Chropath add-on in Chrome browser.

We will also briefly understand how to find Webelement locators using Eskry and Chropath.

One thought on “Robot Framework Tutorial #23 – How to Install Eskry and Chropath

  1. Important update: This is Sanjay Kumar, Creator of ChroPath.
    I have stopped development and support on ChroPath. You will not get any update on ChroPath from me.
    Please upgrade to my new XPath tool SelectorsHub which is very much advanced than ChroPath.
    SelectorsHub is absolutely FREE community tool. It is a browser plugin available for all the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera. SelectorsHub download linkπŸ‘‡

    Please share this info in your network, it will help many

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