Selenium WebDriver Tutorial #16 – WebElement Methods in Selenium

In this Selenium Webdriver Tutorial we will learn about Webelement methods in Selenium Webdriver. You will learn about some of the key webelement commands/methods in Selenium Java along with examples.

Some of the key methods covered are:

✅ sendKeys(java.lang.CharSequence… keysToSend) – Use this method to simulate typing into an element, which may set its value.

✅ clear() – If this element is a text entry element, this will clear the value.

✅ click() – Click this element.

✅ getAttribute(java.lang.String name) – Get the value of the given attribute of the element.

✅ getCssValue(java.lang.String propertyName) – Get the value of a given CSS property.

✅ getLocation() – Where on the page is the top left-hand corner of the rendered element?

✅ getSize() – What is the width and height of the rendered element?

✅ getTagName() – Get the tag name of this element.

✅ getText() – Get the visible text

✅ isDisplayed() – Is this element displayed or not? This method avoids the problem of having to parse an element’s “style” attribute.

✅ isEnabled() – Is the element currently enabled or not? This will generally return true for everything but disabled input elements.

✅ isSelected() – Determine whether or not this element is selected or not.