Business Communication Objectives, Purpose and Goals

Some of the key business communication objectives are decision-making, developing managerial skills, disclosing right message, motivating employees, teamwork and many more.

In this tutorial we will learn about some of the key business communication objectives, its purpose and goals.

Decision making

Effective communication within the organization or outside the organization is intended to implement the decision quickly.

Subordinates understand managerial choices and take steps to achieve them through conversation.

Developing managerial skills

Communication of facts, ideas, views, information, opinions, and emotions helps the learning process and development of managerial skills at a different level.

Disclosing right message

The receiver should understand message correctly and in right perspective so that he takes effective Acton.

The message sent by the sender should convey to the right person; i.e., to the person for whom it is meant.

To motivate employees

Communication among employees makes them interested in their duties and the organization as a whole.

Managers inspire workers to work hard towards the achievement of organizational objectives.

Good communication can devise employees behavior and create friendly industrial relations.

It provides information and instills pride in the job to each employee.

It also reflects management’s interest in employees.

To train and educate people

Business firms use various methods of communication so that they can educate workers and customers.

They issue orders and instruct employees so that they can perform their jobs efficiently.

Customers are provided with information about new goods and their uses.

To develop teamwork

Communication is designed to create mutual understanding and coöperation among people working or living together. It is a great binding force.


Only proper communication of policies to workers will enable their effective execution.

Improved industrial relations

Management and subordinates come closer, dispel any misunderstanding and understand well.

Business communication promotes co-operation, mutual goodwill, and better industrial relation.

To secure feedback

Feedback for any organization is critical.

Management can get valuable ideas by encouraging employees to respond.

Suggestions and complaints from workers and customers enable managers to improve work methods and procedure.