JIRA Tutorial #39 – JIRA Epic report | Epic Burndown in JIRA

In this JIRA tutorial, we will understand the JIRA epic report and how to monitor the progress of Epics in your JIRA project using the JIRA Epics Report. Jira Epic report helps to track the progress of work for the particular epic and identify any blockers.

JIRA Tutorial #14 – How to Complete JIRA Epic | Close JIRA Epic

In this JIRA Tutorial, we will learn how to complete JIRA EPIC or close JIRA EPIC step by step. Once the work for the EPIC has been completed you can close the EPIC in Jira so that it’s updated in the reports and shows the actual progress of development.

JIRA Tutorial #10 – How to Create EPIC in JIRA | What is EPIC

In this Jira tutorial, we will learn how to create an EPIC in JIRA. Get a detailed description of what is EPIC in Agile Development.

JIRA Cloud Tutorial #18 – How to Close Epic in Jira

In this JIRA cloud tutorial, we will learn how to close the epic in Jira. Closing Epic in Jira is similar to closing any other issue types in Jira, you just have to follow the workflow associated with the issue types and move the issue to the closed or done state of the workflow.

JIRA Tutorial #16 – JIRA Epic | Epics in Atlassian JIRA

JIRA Epic captures a large body of work. It is large piece of work that can be broken down into smaller user stories. Epics may take several sprints to be completed.