Office Management Elements – Purpose of Office Management

Office management is concerned with organizing the office in such a manner, that the purpose of the office is achieved and best use is made of the workforce and office equipment.

Office management involves design, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of the process of work within an office or the whole organization, in order to maintain and improve efficiency and productivity.

Defining the purpose of the office management

The first element in managing an office is to define the purpose for which the office has been established.

3M’s are used to achieve that purpose i.e Men, Machine, Methods.

Best use of workforce

The office management should have a team of trained and efficient workers and employees.

There should be incentives, bonuses, and promotions so that the staff is motivated and there should be the best use of personnel.

The office work should be so allocated among the employees so that no worker should be over and under worked.

Use of most appropriate machines and equipment’s

Modern offices are highly mechanized, so, the office manager has to pay attention to the use of machines and proper equipment.

The office manager has to choose and find which machines and equipment are available in the market and which are most suitable for the need of the organization, such as, the variety of typewriters, calculators, computers, etc.

Providing most suitable work environment

Clerical work requires more mental effort than physical work.

Clerical work requires concentration and a cool mind for which working conditions must be comfortable.

In order to provide comfort and good working conditions for employees, the office should be well maintained and there should be minimum noise.

The existence of good and sufficient lights and the comfortable temperature is also very important for high productivity from employees.

It is the duty of office manager to provide an environment which is pleasant and comfortable for the organization’s employees.

Office Meaning – Definition | Modern Office Concept

Office Meaning

In this post, we are going to understand office meaning and office definition. We are also going to learn about the modern concept of office.

An office is a place where relevant records for the purpose of control, planning, and efficient management of the organization are prepared, handled, and kept.

The office provides facilities for internal and external communication and coordinates the things within the organization as well as the outside market.

In simple terms, an office is generally the room or place where the employees perform their day to day work for the organization or business.

Office Definition

As per James Stephenson,”Office is that part of the business enterprise which is devoted to the direction and coordination of its various activities.”

Purpose of Office

The main purpose of an office environment is to support its occupants in performing their job.

The office has work spaces which are typically used for conventional office work.

The primary purpose of an office building is to provide a workplace and working environment primarily for administrative and managerial workers.

These workers usually occupy set areas within the office building and usually are provided with desks, PCs and other equipment they may need within these areas.

Office Workspaces and Facilities

Modern offices have many different types of works spaces.

In addition to work spaces provided to workers, there are other facilities like meeting rooms, printing area, recreational areas, kitchen and breakout areas to allow workers relax and have food.

Offices can be built in any building as far as they meet the regulatory requirements of the particular country.

Some of the requirements for office are light, networking, and security.

Functions of Modern Office

A modern office deploys many of the functions such as using and preserving the records for the future reference.

Coordinating the activities of various departments of the organization and maintaining control over them are also important functions of the modern office.

Office Management Introduction – Office Manager Role

Office Management is a profession which designs, implements, evaluates and maintains the processes of work within the office of an organization. makes the working condition better and implements the best workforce in the office to an organisation.

Office management makes the working condition better and smooth by implementing correct processes and continuously improving the processes.

Office manager improves the efficiency as well as productivity of a particular worker, which will also reflect by the smooth running of an organisation.

The office works as a “Spinal Chord” of an organisation. Without an office, no enterprise can exist in the market.

So, a company or an organisation has to maintain their office management very efficiently.

But the theory doesn’t stop here, there are many things which are involved in the office as well as office management.

All the clerical work takes place in the office, all the records are kept safe in the office (reports, financial statements, important docs.etc) so it becomes very important to manage all the work that happens in office in a very efficient manner.

Role of Office Manager

Let’s come to the main element of office management i.e “OFFICE MANAGER”.

Office Manager is a person who is responsible for all the goings in the office.

Office Manager monitors and manages the people, he manages the whole office work and also responsible for the outcomes of an organisation.

Manager’s work is not only up to this, but it’s stretched to something more far away. He/She have to look on the purchases and sales of the organisation, also solves the problems of the customers.

Skills and qualification of Office Manager

Let’s talk about the skills and qualification of an office manager.

A manager should at least holds a degree in the field of management.

He should have good problem solving and decision-making skills.

Office manager should be experienced and a creative thinker so that he can help in the smooth flow of the Organisation.