JIRA Tutorial #30 – How to Search JIRA issues with Date JQL

In this Jira tutorial, we will learn how to Search JIRA issues with Date JQL. You can write queries in Jira to search for issues with specific dates and time combination.

JIRA Tutorial #5 – What is a task in JIRA | Creating Tasks in JIRA

In this Jira tutorial, we will learn about what is a task in JIRA. A task is an issue type to track project activities that are not necessarily tied up to a story. A task can be something like “Investigate relevant tool for Automation”

JIRA Tutorial #14 – Create JIRA Project | JIRA Project Setup

Learn how to create JIRA project and setup JIRA project as per your organisations needs. This tutorial explains JIRA project creation step-by-step.

JIRA Tutorial #12 – KANBAN Explained | What is KANBAN?

KANBAN explained in detail, learn about KANBAN in this JIRA tutorial video. KANBAN is a popular framework of Agile Software Development.

JIRA Tutorial #3 – JIRA Issue | What is issue in JIRA

JIRA tutorial #3 – Learn about JIRA issue in this tutorial, watch this tutorial series on Atlassian JIRA and use JIRA effectively in your projects.