TestLink Tutorial #12 – TestLink Reports | Generating Reports in TestLink

In this TestLink tutorial you will learn about TestLink reports. You will learn how you can generate different reports and then send them to relevant stakeholders. TestLink provide many different types of reports like bar graph, pie charts and you can customise these reports as per your needs.

TestLink Tutorial #11 – TestLink Inventory Management | Add TestLink Inventory

In this TestLink Tutorial we will learn about TestLink inventory management. We will learn how you can add inventory in TestLink tool and then also how you can edit and delete inventory from the list.

TestLink Tutorial #5 – Linking TestCases To TestLink Requirements

In this TestLink tutorial we will learn how to link the test cases to TestLink requirements. Linking testcases provides traceability and helps to understand the coverage of testing for the particular requirement.

TestLink Tutorial #2 – Creating Requirements in TestLink

In this TestLink Tutorial we will learn about TestLink Requirements Module and how to enable requirements module in TestLink. Once the TestLink requirement module is activated then you can create requirement specification in TestLink.

TestLink Tutorial #1 – Create TestLink Project | New TestLink Project

In this TestLink tutorial series we will learn about TestLink tool, an open source Test Management tool. You will learn how to create TestLink Project and different key points to remember when creating new TestLink Project.