Zephyr for JIRA #4 – How to Write Test Cases in Jira Zephyr

In this Zephyr for JIRA tutorial, we will learn how to write test cases in Jira Zephyr. Test case creation is a very important part of the testing process and we will learn how to write test cases in Zephyr plugin for Jira.

JIRA Tutorial #23 – Creating Test Cycles in Atlassian JIRA

In this video, you will understand how to create Test Cycles in JIRA. Test Management functionality is provided in JIRA by an add-on known as Zephyr.

Test Cycle creation in JIRA is a very simple process and in this tutorial, we will walk through step by step to create a test cycle.

JIRA Tutorial #20 – Defect lifecycle in Atlassian JIRA

In this JIRA tutorial, we will understand about defect lifecycle in Atlassian JIRA. JIRA provides the default workflow which can be used to manage defect lifecycle.

If your project has specific requirements for defect workflow then you can create the new workflow in JIRA for defects and use it for defect/bug lifecycle.