JIRA Tutorial #34 – How to Add Custom Fields to JIRA Issue Screen

In this JIRA tutorial, we will learn how to add custom fields to the JIRA issue screen. JIRA software comes with many out of the box custom fields which can be chosen as per the project requirements.

You can also download more custom fields from the Atlassian marketplace.

JIRA Tutorial #7 – What is JIRA board | JIRA Boards Tutorial

In this Jira tutorial, we will learn about what is JIRA board and how many types of boards are present in JIRA.

JIRA Administration Tutorial #18 – How to Edit Jira Workflow

In this Jira Administration Tutorial we will learn how to edit JIRA workflow and update the workflow for any project in JIRA.

This tutorial also covers the JIRA project administration details and who has permission to work on workflows in Jira.

JIRA tutorial #9 – JIRA Dashboard | Create, customize JIRA Dashboard

Learn all about JIRA dashboard. In this video you will learn to create JIRA dashboard, customize it and then share it with other team members. You will also learn how you can add gadgets to your dashboard.

JIRA Tutorial #5 – Change Layout of the Issue Search Results Screen

In this tutorial you will learn about JIRA issue layout and how to change the layout of issue search screen. You can configure the columns in JIRA issue search screen and select the columns relevant for you to show on the issue search screen.

Also, you can update the issue view layout easily.