JIRA Tutorial #17 – Key Components of JIRA workflow

In this JIRA tutorial, we will learn about key components of JIRA Workflow. When designing advanced JIRA workflow you need to understand key components of JIRA workflow like Status, Transitions, Assignee, and Resolutions.

JIRA Tutorial #3 – What is JIRA project | Introduction to JIRA project

In this JIRA tutorial, we will understand what is the JIRA project and the Introduction to the JIRA project. We will walk through different types of JIRA products and supported project types in these JIRA products.

JIRA Tutorial #1 – Introduction to JIRA | What is JIRA

In this Jira tutorial, we will learn about a brief introduction to Jira and what is Jira. We will also understand some of its key features.

JIRA Tutorial #41 – JIRA Beginners Training Conclusion

This tutorial is the wrap-up for JIRA beginners training course, I have summarized the training by restarting the main points. Please subscribe to my channel as I will be posting new tutorials soon.

JIRA Cloud Tutorial #5 – How to Update Personal Settings in Jira

In this JIRA cloud tutorial, we will learn how to Update Personal Settings in Jira. Once you have access to Jira, you can update your personal settings like the profile picture, security settings, and much more.