JIRA Tutorial #38 – JIRA Sprint Report | Sprint report in JIRA

In this JIRA tutorial we will learn about the JIRA Sprint report and how can you use the Sprint report in Jira to track the progress of Sprints.

JIRA Tutorial #6 – What is Subtask in JIRA | Create JIRA Subtask

In this JIRA tutorial, we will learn what is subtask in JIRA and how the JIRA subtask is created. JIRA Subtask is created for JIRA issues to further breakdown issues into smaller manageable chunks for team members to work upon.

Also, subtasks are created so that they can be assigned to different members of the team if required.

JIRA Tutorial #34 – How To Close JIRA Issue | Resolve JIRA issue

Learn how to close JIRA issue or resolve issue in JIRA software. JIRA issues follow the workflow defined within the project and once the issues are completed you can resolve the JIRA issue to done state.

JIRA Tutorial #33 – JIRA Issue Transition | Transitioning Issues in JIRA

In this Jira Tutorial we will learn how to transition issues in JIRA. Issues are transitioned from one state of workflow to other.

JIRA Tutorial #21 – JIRA Issue Template | Issue Template Walkthrough

Learn about JIRA Issue template in detail, this tutorial walks through the JIRA issue template and how you can customize fields in issue templates.