JIRA Tutorial #19 – JIRA Workflow Transitions in Detail

In this JIRA tutorial, we will learn about JIRA Workflow Transitions in detail. We will also learn about key concepts of JIRA workflow transitions and how to configure workflow transitions in JIRA.

JIRA Tutorial #18 – Advanced JIRA Workflow Configuration

In this JIRA Tutorial, we will learn about advanced JIRA Workflow Configuration. You will also learn about advanced workflow concepts like Conditions, Validators, Triggers, Post Functions, and Transition Screens.

JIRA Tutorial #17 – Key Components of JIRA workflow

In this JIRA tutorial, we will learn about key components of JIRA Workflow. When designing advanced JIRA workflow you need to understand key components of JIRA workflow like Status, Transitions, Assignee, and Resolutions.

JIRA Tutorial #16 – JIRA Workflow Introduction | What is JIRA Workflow

In this tutorial we will learn about JIRA workflow, we will have a brief JIRA workflow introduction and then learn how can you customize workflow as per the need in your project.

JIRA Tutorial #33 – JIRA Issue Transition | Transitioning Issues in JIRA

In this Jira Tutorial we will learn how to transition issues in JIRA. Issues are transitioned from one state of workflow to other.