JIRA Tutorial #38 – JIRA Sprint Report | Sprint report in JIRA

In this JIRA tutorial we will learn about the JIRA Sprint report and how can you use the Sprint report in Jira to track the progress of Sprints.

JIRA Tutorial #33 – How to Search Issues with JQL Keywords

In this JIRA tutorial, we will learn how to Search Issues with JQL Keywords. This JQL tutorial will help you in performing an advanced search in Jira using JQL keywords.

JIRA Tutorial #12 – KANBAN Explained | What is KANBAN?

KANBAN explained in detail, learn about KANBAN in this JIRA tutorial video. KANBAN is a popular framework of Agile Software Development.

JIRA Tutorial #7 – Update JIRA User Preferences | JIRA Profile Image

In this tutorial you will learn how to update JIRA user preferences and JIRA profile picture. You can change JIRA profile picture by following this simple JIRA tutorial.